Apps for Android

QR Code Reader

All QR codes are created equal. But all QR code readers are not. You can quickly scan any type of QR codes around you; books, public Wi-Fi access, ads, etc.

The app is trusted and display correct information, and the best thing is ads inside it really optimized and minimal.

Sheryar Khan


Your smartphone is the new flashlight. The app is designed for the easiest way to turn your flashlight on or off.

All I can say is it’s simple to use and works without a hitch.


Digital Compass

High precise and beautiful compass. It supports true and magnetic north, provides integrated map and location information such as longitude, latitude, and address.

“Just Love It”

This a very plain and simple compass that just does exactly what I wanted it to do. By far the best compass app that I have downloaded, and I must have tried a dozen or so. The developer should feel proud of this app.

John Margetts

A compass, not more, not less. That is how a tool app should be.

Phil Spinner

All apps require Android 4.4 KitKat or later.
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